Reflexions Studio Classes

Here you can find an overview of all the classes offered at Reflexions Studio.


Get your sweat on! Our Hot Yoga Flow captures the inspiration of each individual instructor, incorporating balance, strength and flexibility. You will enjoy the flow and grace of the creative Hatha sequences in a room heated to 90 degrees using infrared heating.


This is a dynamic, vigorous style of yoga that integrates vinyasa with longer holds to build both strength and endurance, challenging the body and mind! Beginners will be challenged.


This Hot Yoga Flow class is a slightly more mellow version of our signature Hot Yoga Flow classes. This class aims to stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles while detoxifying the body and calming the mind. The room is heated to approximately 90 degrees with infrared. An excellent choice for a yoga newcomer or seasoned yoga praticioner.


Fusion Flow Yoga is just as it sounds… a blend of different modalities. We will begin with a flowing yoga practice using sun salutations and conscious movement initiated by the breath. During this segment we will build heat while challenging and strengthening the entire body with a variety of props. In the latter part of class, we will deeply stretch the body encouraging recovery of the muscles we were utilizing in the first half of class. We will move our attention inward to revitalize and balance both the mind and body. This is a non-heated class. Leave feeling strong and revitalized, relaxed and renewed; exactly what the doctor ordered for Mondays!


This class is a has a mellow vibe and very gentle pace. Come to stretch, relax and revitalize both the mind and body. We encourage gentle exploration of postures allowing each participant to go at their own pace. The room is heated to approximately 80 degrees with infrared. An excellent choice for a yoga newcomer, seasoned yoga praticioner or anyone wanting to unwind!


In, this mellow, slower paced class we move gently, stretch, recover and relax. In the first 10-15 minutes we use foam rollers to warm and relax the tissues in the body. This is followed by slower flows and deeper stretches that will unwind built up tension and stress within the body and mind. We will aim to awaken the parts of the body that are underused and restore the parts that are overused. Your shoulders, hips and low back will thank you! Suitable for everyone!


This class is a smorgasbord of slow, gentle, restorative modalities. We will blend elements from Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tai Qi, Slow Flow and Traditional Chinese Medicine in this nourishing all levels class. Here you will find a great opportunity to re-energize, to heal as well as prevent injury. This class is done entirely from the mat so bring a blanket and be prepared to relax and unwind. Rela


This class is targeted towards athletes but anyone will benefit. Performance Flow takes the concept of yoga in elite training to the next level and is designed to maximize physical and mental performance. It takes a very targeted and purposeful approach to increasing range of motion, flexibility and creating balance within the body. At the same, it incorporates elements designed to increase focus and awareness.


Yoga has been proven to increase workplace morale and productivity.
Bring your employees or co-workers to us, or we can come to you! Make a commitment to become the most "balanced" workplace in town! Call or email us for more information.