COVID Policies/Procedures

Our top priority is to keep everyone safe while practicing yoga so we will be introducing a few simple procedures and offering a gentle reminder about our existing ones.

1. We ask that you sign up for class ahead of time through Mindbody.  No drop-ins please.  The Covid health checklist is part of your reservation confirmation email.  Please complete a health check prior to each class you attend.

2. Please target arriving 15 minutes prior to the start of class. The studio will be open 15 minutes prior but not before that time.

3.  Santize upon arrving at the studio and before leaving after class.  We have placed additional hand sanitizer around the foyer, desk, bathroom and studio areas. Sanitize frequently!

3. Please bring a mask with you to the studio to be used whenever you are not on your mat (even if you leave it to go to the washroom!)   If you don’t have a mask or forget yours, we will have disposable masks available.

4. We want to encourage a sense of community at the studio AND keep everyone safe. If you see a friend, by all means say hello but please be aware of physical distancing and others if you are visiting in the foyer. We want to avoid bottlenecks in the higher traffic areas.

5.  Please maintain a 2.5 metre physical distance at all times when not on your mat.  Please use the mat markers on the floor of the studio that are 2.5 metres apart.

6. Please keep the front door entry area clear so that people can arrive and depart freely!

7.  Please monitor your own exertion levels during class to keep your activity level low-intensity.

What the Reflexions Crew is doing…

1. Instructors will be completing a health check prior to each class that they teach.

2. We will be cleaning the floors and sanitizing high touch areas between classes and after the last class of the day.

3. We will be running our UV air filter, opening our doors before and after class  to increase air circulation.

4. Studio props are still off limits but we have many options for sale in the boutique. If you are bringing your own props to use in class, please make sure to sanitize before bringing them to the studio.

5. Once in the studio, our mat markers have been placed so that safe physical distancing can be maintained while practicing.

6. We have added extra shelves for personal items to the right as you walk in the studio. This will hopefully alleviate congestion in our main cubby area.

7. We have discontinued our cold cloths at the end of class and our tea service at this time – sorry!

8.  Instructors have modified their class formats to ensure that they are “low intensity”.

We sincerely appreciate your help in following these guidelines. Thanks as always for your support!

Feel free to call, email or text if you have questions or concerns.

The Reflexions Crew
250 462 9642