Hello and welcome to Reflexions! New to the Studio?

Whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner, fitness fanatic or a first time yoga student, we want your experience to be the best possible.   We strive to make our space open, inviting and friendly and our crew is here to help.

At Reflexions Studio, we teach many styles of yoga.  Our signature classes are a  heated, free flowing style of yoga… HOT YOGA FLOW. This type of yoga connects breath and movement.  This is an energetic style and may take a few classes to get the hang of.   If you are uncertain for any reason you may want to start  with Gentle Yoga, Mellow Flow or our R & R Yoga. These classes are set to a slower pace and incorporate gentler movements giving you and your body a chance to get familiar with some of the postures.  Once you are familiar with the postures and ready for a little more, we encourage you to try Hot Yoga Flow or if you prefer a non-heated class, try any of our Power Yoga classes.

We believe that yoga should be practiced mindfully. This means listening to your body, using modifications, and basically – doing what feels right for you.  Our instructors teach to all-levels offering modifications to decrease or increase the level of difficulty or intensity.

We want you to find the classes that are right for you…….. and because of this, we have a few special intro offers to make it easier.   (Our Intro Pass is only offered to local residents, sorry!)

Our $49 Two Week Unlimited Intro Pass gives you access to all of our regularly scheduled classes.  It is designed to give you an opportunity to try different types of classes and meet as many teachers as possible and help you pick a class that resonates with you!    If you purchase our Two Week Unlimited Intro Pass, and then purchase a flex pass within your two weeks… you will receive a 10% discount.  The new pass will activate on your first visit after your Intro Pass expires.  *Sorry this Intro Pass does not include our pre-registered series or our Zero Gravity Yoga.

INTRO TWO WEEK UNLIMITED PASS (For locals only sorry! If you are visiting see our 1 week Unlimited)

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You can view our full schedule by clicking here.

If you want more detailed information on each of our classes, please click here.

Suggestions for your first class…

  1. If possible, try to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time of the class.  If you think you may be arriving late, please feel free to call us and we will happily place a mat for you so when you arrive you can enter the studio and find a space easily.
  2. Please remember to sign in on our sign in sheet once arriving at the studio (even if you signed in online)
  3. If you are attending a Hot Yoga Flow or Power Yoga class, be prepared to sweat!  We provide small face towels that can be used during class… trust us you will need one!
  4. We strive to maintain a clean space for our students, so please leave personal items such as cell phones, shoes, mat bags and purses/wallets in your vehicle or in the reception area.  The only items that should be brought into the yoga room are mats, towels and water bottles.
  5. Upon entering the yoga room, please refrain from talking  as it helps everyone relax and tune in to the moment.  If you are attending class with friends and want to catch up please feel free to hang out in our foyer and visit until class is about to start.
  6. We always have basic yoga mats available for your rent if you don’t have your own.  If you use one of the studio mats, please wipe it and return it to the rack after the class is over.  Cost for each rental is $1.
  7. No gum or snacks in class.
  8. At Reflexions, some teachers will offer hands-on assistance with postures if they see an opportunity to help.  Please let the teacher know before class if you have any injuries or limitations, or do not wish to receive hands-on physical adjustments.
  9. Please avoid heavy perfumes or colognes as other students may be sensitive.
  10. It is recommended that you avoid eating large, heavy meals prior to class.
  11. Please try to stay for your entire class. Resting your body in Savasana is an important part of the yoga experience.  In the event that you need to leave early, please let the teacher know before class starts.