At Reflexions Studio we take a very simple approach to our teaching and our business. In keeping with the ancient philosophical roots of Yoga, we do our best to take care of our clients, our co-workers and our community. We operate on the faith that if we are a wholesome and compassionate member our community, letting love and attention be our guides, we find purpose and are able to sustain our place in the world for the long term.

We are grateful for everything the the world has provided to us and hope to share what we have and what we know with those who seek it out.

Peace and Love from the whole Reflexions Crew.

Remember to share what you have (smiles, attention, time)!

See you at the Studio!




B Yoga

With mindfulness and movement, anything is possible.

B Yoga’s elevated yoga and fitness essentials are made for all the ways you work out and go within. We’re here to empower every body to find inner calm and build outer strength.

Innovative and high-performance, the B Yoga collection stands up to even the most intense modes of movement. Take the B MAT: Grippy, durable, and sustainable, it’s made from a high-tech material originally created for carpet pads. (Shout out to founder Andrea Morris, without whom we’d still be slipping during sweaty power flows).

Plus, each item is designed to get high marks for comfort and style. These are practice tools you won’t want to hide in a closet after class.

Half Moon

In 1983, Halfmoon founder Beth McTavish was walking by the Ganges River in Varanasi, India, when she saw a group of yogis practicing at the water’s edge. She was mesmerized by their intent, their focus, and the stillness of yoga in the midst of noise, chaos, and colour.

When she returned home, still captivated, she began to practice Iyengar yoga.

Six years later, Beth—a talented creative and, by now, a devoted yogi—began making her own props. A red seat belt became a yoga strap. Rolls of cotton batting turned into sturdy bolsters.

And just like that, Halfmoon was born.

Our intention today is the same as it was over 30 years ago: To create beautifully designed yoga and meditation goods that hold and comfort you on your mindfulness journey.

The Halfmoon collection is crafted just outside of Vancouver, BC, and thoughtfully designed for a variety of practices. The wisdom of our experience and the energy of the West Coast are woven into everything we create. Even more importantly, our respect for traditional yogic values—namely truth, compassion, community, and kindness—guides us on our path.

Whether you’re new to yoga and meditation or looking to take an advanced practice to the next level, our mats, cushions, and props are lovingly made to meet you exactly where you are.

We welcome you to the Halfmoon family. May you, too, find roots in mindfulness so you can rise.



Behind every Onzie design, you’ll discover a deep respect for what the human body can do. Whether you’re working out or just working it, Onzie’s creative cuts, prints and patterns want to come along for the ride, infusing playfulness, confidence and self-expression into every move you make.

Onzie was born in Venice Beach, CA, the epicenter of creativity and active living. Having our headquarters here makes it a badass place to develop our collections and an easy way for our team to practice the values we preach. We wear our gear in and out of the office, constantly testing the quality and performance of every garment we produce. If something isn’t perfect, we do everything in our power to fix it. By the time you get your Onzie goods, they’ve already met the highest standards. Plus, we keep our production local, with 99% of our sewing, cutting and dyeing happening in LA.


Onzie is an independent, female-owned and operated business. Meet Kimberly Swarth, Onzie’s fearless founder and CEO. A devoted yogi with a Masters in Movement Therapy, she’s the driving creative force behind our brand and collaborative company culture. And while you’re here, say hello to the rest of the Onzie team. Together, we strive to embody the power of the female spirit, every day. We support and challenge one another, putting our passion into our product and infusing creativity and movement into all we do. We’ve been known to hold dance offs and somatic stretch sessions before tackling strategy meetings and brainstorms. From our inception, we’ve made it a priority to support other small business owners and boutique fitness studios, both locally and across the globe. In fact, you’re likely to catch one of us in any number of these niche yoga, pilates, spinning or dance classes. It’s one of many reasons we’ve cultivated a loyal following within these communities.


We pride ourselves on offering accessible, high-quality yoga wear that’s comfortable in saltwater, chlorine and heavy sweat environments. Our affordably-priced pieces are designed with our Free-Flow Fabric Technology, making them functional, breathable and fashionable. We hope you love wearing your Onzie apparel as much as we love creating it.