Reflexions Studio Classes

Here you can find an overview of all the classes offered at Reflexions Studio.


Get your sweat on! Our Hot Yoga Flow captures the inspiration of each individual instructor, incorporating balance, strength and flexibility. You will enjoy the flow and grace of the creative Hatha sequences in a room heated to 90 degrees using infrared heating.


This class is like our signature 90° Hot Yoga Flow with an extra focus placed guessed it, the midsection! A strong core has the potential to improve posture, alleviate back pain and prevent injury. We find creative ways to target the deep supportive muscles of your core from all angles as well as the more-easily accessed surface muscles. A challenging and invigorating class!


The core muscles are essential to supporting almost every yoga pose. A strong core has the potential to improve posture, alleviate back pain and prevent injury. Looking to target the deep supportive muscles of your core in this class, we focus on strengthening the core through a blend of Yoga and Pilates movements as well as developing more mobility and flexibility in the entire body. All levels are welcome!


Join us for this ultra-relaxing class! We will guide you through practice with an extra gentle pace that aims to stretch, relax and revitalize both the mind and body. We explore gentle movements and postures, listening to and honouring our bodies. Anyone and everyone will benefit from this practice...people with high stress, injuries, pain, and anxiety and anyone wanting to slow down. The room is comfortably warmed allowing you to relax into your mat with ease.


This class is a more mellow version of our signature flow classes. This class begins with a gentle warmup and vinyasa flow to warm the body and awaken your energy. We then move into a deep-stretch sequence to open the body, peeling away layers of tension, stress and fatigue. You will come away feeling calm, balanced and revitalized. The room is warm not hot! We set the temp to approximately 80 degrees.


This upbeat class incorporates breathwork, meditation, and flow sequences with weights for a balanced combination of flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. This is a great class for people who are comfortable with yoga and would like to add more cardio and strength to their practice. Please bring a pair of light hand weights (1 – 5 lbs) with you to class or feel free to enjoy the class without weights. The room is warm so be prepared to get your glow on!


Designed to help you find body awareness and deeper connections through the fundamental movements of Pilates. Development of basic movement skills, progressing through the mat series at a slower pace and with the use of small props.


This is a 90 minute hammock practice that is restorative and relaxing for your mind and your body, with an fabulous meditation inside the hammock at the end! Low to the ground hammocks are used to gently support the body into deep restorative postures to increase flexibility and release tension from the body. It is open to all levels, no experience necessary.

*Please wear a short or long sleeved shirt to this class, no tank tops and remove any jewelry before class.


Yoga has been proven to increase workplace morale and productivity. Bring your employees or co-workers to us, or we can come to you! Make a commitment to become the most "balanced" workplace in town! Call or email us for more information.